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The Key To Your Freedom

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    Does Any Of This Describe You?

    Double Life

    To the outside world, you are successful, confident, and happy but inside it’s a different story: Turmoil and conflict reign and you feel like a fraud.

    Shame & Secrecy

    You daren’t tell for fear of repercussions. Anyone that knows never gets the full story. Alone you silently suffer, fearful something is “wrong” with you.


    You long to end the cycles of bingeing and purging. You’ve tried everything. Nothing works (or not for long enough) You feel trapped. Stuck. Scared.


    You feel crazy. The thoughts are relentless & taunting. You’d love to shut them down but all too often bingeing seems the only way. You feel you can’t win.

    Shaping Up

    You want your body to shape up to feel good. You weigh it and measure it, check it, pinch it, and exercise it, whilst your mood hangs precariously in the balance.

    The Solution

    You seek a solution but contradictory information causes confusion. You’re unsure what to try next. You’re exhausted and feel some help wouldn’t go amiss.


    I’d like to invite you to download my FREE audio, “The Key To Your Freedom” because I not only share the fundamental mistake common to all bulimia recovery struggle, a mistake you could be innocently making, but also the solution: A solution that’s free and can be used the moment you get it to empower you to positively change the course of your recovery.

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    The KEY To Your Freedom

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      You can access or make changes to your personal data and unsubscribe at any time. Everything is strictly confidential and secure. Your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. I respect your privacy. View my full Privacy Policy.

      What People Are Saying About “The Key To Your Freedom”

      “I thought I knew what the ‘fundamental mistake’ was going to be LOL! So, I was surprised when it wasn’t and delighted because it has given me a totally new insight into both my struggle and what to do now”.

      “As you said, so simple but what a powerful perspective. And hiding in plain sight all along?”.

      “Thank you so much for setting all this up. I really needed to hear what you have shared so far (in the audio and follow-up emails). It has really made a difference in my effort towards recovering”.

      The Greatest Gift (You Can Give Yourself)

      Bulimia Recovery

      With over 25 years of living bulimia free, and for the past 10 years coaching woman around the world, achieve freedom too, I know without a doubt bulimia recovery – done right – IS the greatest gift there is because of what it ultimately gives you:

      Free from the oppression of bulimia you have the opportunity, belief and ability to meet your true potential and live your life fully in a body you love.

      Everything I wanted and had been struggling to get for 20 years – the body, the self-confidence, the inner peace, happiness and health – became available as I worked the recovery process with you. I got my life back. I got me and I love her! I also got a job promotion and I’ve met my soul mate” AE. USA

      Here’s the truth of it…

      For sure, bulimia recovery is challenging.  It’s possibly one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. And I understand, if you’re struggling with your recovery, it’s unlikely to seem like any gift, let alone the “greatest gift”.  Nobody wants bulimia recovery to be a long process of struggle and pain but unfortunately for the majority this becomes the lived experience.

      But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way…

      Regardless of what you may have heard, freedom from bulimia is possible.  And there is a part of you that already knows this!  It might be just a glimmer right now, but I promise you it’s there.

      Think about it…

      If that part of you wasn’t there, you wouldn’t be searching for answers or reading these words and your freedom from bulimia is not just possible – it can be achieved faster than perhaps you think possible and… forever!

      Below is a selection of bulimia recovery stories from past clients.

      Please take a moment to discover what they have to say because reading about the success of others is both empowering and motivating. The bulimia recovery stories you find below may well inspire your own success.  I trust they do because, being bulimia free is truly the greatest gift you could give yourself.   Your recovery story has not been written yet and I look forward to reading it one day too.

      The Voices of Freedom


      I Now Live My Way, Not ED’s Way!

      Before working with Julie my eating disorder consumed me. It had totally eclipsed my relationship with a loving husband and my two amazing young children. And it had eroded my confidence…

      The End of a 40 Year Struggle

      Finding Julie has been nothing short of miraculous for me. At the age of 55, I had abandoned all hope of recovery from an eating disorder that had been a constant in my life for over 40 years…

      The Power To Break Free

      When I first reached out to Julie I was in a dark place. I felt deeply ashamed by my secret battle with binging and purging. My confidence was rock bottom – I didn’t see how I would be free…

      Getting out of stuck


      If you are struggling with your bulimia recovery in any way, Your Free Discovery Call will support you ‘get out of stuck’ by…

      • Revealing the “#1 THING” stopping you from breaking free from bulimia.
      • Providing CLARITY as to what you need to do next.
      • Infusing you with the MOTIVATION & MOMENTUM to do what you need to do

      (Knowing what you need to do and having the motivation to do what you need to do are two entirely different things).

      “Julie, I almost cancelled my call with you but I’m so glad I didn’t! It was so inspiring to look at my eating disorder from a new perspective. AND what a difference that has made. I’m so excited, my future now looks very different”. BB

      Free info, advice and guidance


      7 Bulimia Weight Loss Strategies That Cause Weight Gain

      7 Causes of Bulimia Bloating (& What YOU Can Do)

      Structured Eating For
      Bulimia Recovery

      What Is Really Causing Your Bingeing
      (& Purging)?

      The Side Effects of

      Myths, Misconceptions and
      False Beliefs

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